Broker API

Our Broker API

Our Broker API allows financial institutions to integrate the trading of finincials instruments like stocks, options, futures etc. and crypto assets into their platform.
Our API is REST and Websocket based and allows everthing from company fundamentals, over realtime and historic quotes to different order types and Request-for-Quote OTC like order execution. We support different execition venus for the order execution (for example Interactive Brokers).

Addtionally to our API we provide as part of our Reg-Tech-Solution UI based widgets for different compliance releated workflows such as:

  • Onboarding (Swiss, Liechtenstein, Austrian, German and UK AML requirements right now)
  • MiFID II - Suitability & Appropriateness tests
  • Transaction releated verification (source of funds/wealth document requests)

To integrate those widgets you only need to integrate a small code widget like this:

<div id="customer-onboarding"></div>
  window.addEventListener('cobready', function(e) {
      process: 'Customer Onboarding',
      initialData: { userId: '4711' },
      clientId: 'ecbe9b18-340c-4813-bf46-6b85a5232c6e',
      endpoint: ''               
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
Our Compliance Backend-Solution provides a detailed process-oriented view into all compliance related cases.

Example of our Brokerage Compliance solutions:

You are a regulated financial institution? Enhance your Business with our high end Broker API


API Description

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