Dezentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance and DigitalAssets.AG

With our approved base prospectus, endorsed (click here for what this endorsement means) by the FMA Liechtenstein, we can issue tokenized traditional finance assets in a tokenized form, tradable on the public Blockchain. Our Blockchain infrastructure Solana, developed by our strategic partners and investors FTX and Alameda Research, provides perfect backbone for decentralized finance solutions as the following:

  • 50,000 transaction per secound
  • $0.00025 Avg. Fee Per Transaction
  • 400ms blocktimes and sub-second finality
  • Audited by a Fortune 500-preferred security firm
  • Code in Rust, C, and C++
On this next generation blockchain our tokenized instruments are tradable 24/7 Our bearer token allow people to take control over their assets and to use those token on dezentralized exchanges/orderbooks such as Sereum, on Yiel Farming projects and in Smart Contracts. Every single user can create their own Smart Contract to build solutions like:
  • Automated allocation (create your own investment strategy without the need for an investment fund)
  • Arbitrage trading
  • Stock Token Lending Income
  • and many, many more

Solana Realtime Network Performance (Solana Beach):