FTX launches Top Stocks

"FTX has launched a novel way to trade the world’s most popular stocks."

FTX Coinbase Futures Soar 140% in First Hour of Trading

Cryptocurrency traders showed their excitement for FTX’s pre-IPO Coinbase (CBSE) futures Tuesday morning by pushing the price above $295, a roughly 140% increase from the listing price of $125.

FTX Exchange Lists WallStreetBets Futures

“WSB-related stocks have been our most requested products ever,” FTX’s CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told CoinDesk via Telegram. “There’s a ton of interest in trading WSB related stocks and [cryptos] right now … the fact that many platforms are having trouble offering them is creating more demand.”

Airbnb Pre-IPO Derivatives Contract Listed on Crypto Exchange FTX

FTX exchange has listed an Airbnb derivatives product ahead of the home rental giant’s initial public offering (IPO) on Thursday.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Global Lists Tokenized Apple, Amazon, Tesla Stocks for Trading

Launched in a collaboration with DigitalAssets.AG, the tokenized shares can be purchased in fractions using either USD, USDT and BTC